China Marketing 101

Wed, 01/01/2020 - 15:47

If you're learning about marketing in China, this is a great place to start. We'll take you through step-by-step.

These posts are intended for people with some marketing experience, and varying degrees of experience with China.

An Overview of Chinese Marketing

  1. 5 Keys to Success for Implementing a Chinese Marketing Campaign - A good place to start.
  2. China Digital Marketing for Western Businesses - Discusses marketing channels further.
  3. Brief Intro to The Chinese Language - Which type of Chinese should you use for marketing in China?

Chinese Search Engines

  1. China’s 4 Major Search Engines
  2. China SEM Campaign Pre-launch Checklist - Focused on Baidu, but also relevant for 360, Sogou and other Chinese search engines.
  3. Baidu vs Google Search Results  - A video tour of 5 search results pages on both Baidu and Google.
    1. Baidu Search Ad Formats - There's more to Baidu than just text ads. Also, a lot of Chinese words can fit in one ad.
    2. The Anatomy of a Baidu Search Results Page - More details, with a focus on advertising and listing types.
  4. Baidu SEO Basics - How to Optimize Your Site for Baidu
    1. Technical On-site SEO
    2. Baidu Webmaster FAQ
  5. Baidu's Paid Search Interface

Chinese Social Media

  1. A video tour of WeChat 
    1. What is a WeChat Company Page (Official Account)
    2. WeChat Analytics
    3. What Does a WeChat Article Look Like
    4. Step-by-Step Guide To WeChat Customer Support
  2. KOLs (Influencers) in Chinese Marketing Campaigns
  3. Weibo Marketing
    1. A video tour of Weibo 
    2. A Simple Guide to Weibo Setup & Verification for Foreign Companies
    3. Weibo Advertising Tips
  4. Douyin Marketing
    1. A Thorough Guide to Influencing on Douyin - For Individuals and Businesses (2020)
  5. Xiaohongshu - Introduction, video tour  and marketing
  6. Bilibili - A Tour of Bilibili 
    1. A Comprehensive Guide to Bilibili Account Setup and Verification
  7. Live-streaming
  8. QQ Marketing
  9. Chinese podcast monetization (Ximalaya)
  10. A video tour of Zhihu 
  11. A video intro to Maimai, China's LinkedIn 

Websites, Payments

  1. Website Localization for China
  2. Problems with Hosting a Website in China
  3. 5 Myths About Hosting in China and Chinese Domain Names
  4. All about ICP Licenses
  5. Online Payments in China - Which payment methods should foreign companies use?
  6. How to Host Videos in China - Four ways to embed videos in webpages so your Chinese customers can see them.
  7. Baidu Analytics Guide

Branding & Design

  1. Choosing the Right Chinese Company Name


  1. 7 Ways to Improve Your Video Conferencing in China
  2. Marketing Plan Template  - A very simple Google Doc template that we use to keep cross-cultural teams on the same page.


  1. Affiliate Marketing in China
  2. What Is Baidu Baike And How It Helps Your Marketing in China
  3. A video tour of Taobao, the world's largest e-commerce platform 
  4. A video tour of Douyu, livestreaming platform for gamers 

B2B Marketing

  1. Top 10 Chinese B2B Marketing Tactics for 2020 - The blog post leads into an email course with these topics:
    1. How to Use Emails for B2B in China (And, China and The Rest of The World)
    2. How to Use WeChat for B2B Marketing (And, Chinese Business Card Etiquette)
    3. Differences Betweeen Baidu and Google Advertising (And, Leveraging Your Country's Brand)
    4. Chinese Website Localization (And, Bad Chinese Tattoos)
    5. Chinese SEO (And, Trust-building > Guanxi)
    6. Using Zhihu for B2B Marketing (And, Chinese Names for You and Your Business)
    7. Social Sales-prospecting With LinkedIn and Maimai (And, Gift-giving)
    8. Using Video for Marketing in China (And, How to Dress for Business)
    9. Content Distribution in China (And, Dining for Business)
    10. Adapting Webinars for China (And, Speaking English for China)
  2. Zhihu Marketing for B2B - A bit like the "Quora of China", Zhihu is one of the best places to engage with business-oriented readers.
  3. Make the Most of Your Content Marketing in China
  4. Maimai - The LinkedIn of China

Marketing for Educational Institutions (Student Recruitment)

  1. Complete List of Ways to Recruit Chinese International Students
  2. Survey of Chinese International Students on Problems They Face Abroad - To recruit Chinese students, it's important to understand how they think.
  3. Should Schools Use Douyin For Marketing in China?